DECEPTION - Escape Rooms Matlock Derbyshire




The Millers thought they had the Fairytale life; a wonderful marriage, a beautiful home and a gorgeous little daughter, Olivia.

They also played lots of games, challenging games. It had become an addiction, so when a stranger set them a challenge to find and escape his lair with riches beyond their wildest dreams promised upon success. They just couldn’t refuse.

The price to pay on failure... a mere gift of hearts desire.

This mere gift turned out to be their little daughter Olivia, who disappeared from her bedroom in the dead of night. They have spent the years since searching for the mysterious stranger and their daughter, hoping to play the game again and win her back. 

Having finally found him and agreed the stake, they are now pleading with other escapologists to help them defeat the wicked, little man.

Do you want to play a game? 

Do you have the skills to defeat the man with no name?

Are you prepared? As there are worse things in life to lose, than just a game.

After all, not all Fairytales have a happy ending.