DECEPTION - Escape Rooms Matlock Derbyshire




Trapped... in a body broken by war.

Trapped... in a mind of emotional turmoil, brought on by the death of his brother.

Now, Trapped... in a web of secrets and horrors he can no longer controL...…

...After returning from the battlefield,  Dr Papét found himself withdrawing from his life in London and moved to Matlock, to find some ‘peace’ and to focus on his work. 

However, a chance meeting one evening with a Mr A.H. Tide, turned his life inside out, leading him down a path of secrets and horrors, he thought he had escaped.

Things are unravelling. the noises in the night, the strange comings and goings and the mysterious disappearances are starting to grab the local’s attention, rumours are spreading, Dr Papét was hiding something.

Do you have the courage and intellect to enter his office and discover his secrets, then escape with them, before his return. or will you too, become ‘Trapped’ in Dr Papéts weB... Forever.