DECEPTION - Escape Rooms Matlock Derbyshire



Jo Johnston reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

17 March at 10:30 · 

Really good and fun evening with the ladies and Dr Papet!! Rooms are really good and well thought out. Props were great. Will definitely be back to try the other rooms!

Vicky Heppenstall reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

17 March at 22:06 · 

Went as part of a hen party. Excellent morning everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you very much x

Jennifer Scrafton reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

12 March at 10:49 · 

I've done about 10 escape rooms in total and Trapped was easily one of my favourites! The level of detail that has gone into creating the room is brilliant -
from the decor to the elaborate puzzles, some of which were very unique. We totally enjoyed our experience in the room, even though it was quite a lot scarier and more "atmospheric" than I'd expected! But that just added to the fun, and I'd not only recommend Deception, but I'd consider driving all the way back to Matlock to try another room!

Karen Feltham reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

4 March at 17:48 · 

This is the first time I have tried an escape room and I wasn't sure what to expect. It was a very enjoyable experience and the staff were fantastic. We will definitely be back to try the other rooms.

Natasha Hubbard reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

4 March at 19:41 · 

We had a really great time at Deception today!
They have done a really good job of setting up the rooms, with a good mixture of clues some being quite easy & some trickier.
We all loved “jilted”, although Abi (aged 9) was a little spooked at one point.
Looking forward to going back to do the other 2 rooms!

Melissa Coulton reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

27 February at 22:32 · 

As a group of work friends we decided to book the Escape rooms for something a bit different and it was such a great experience! We all got involved and equally enjoyed it. Definitely worth a visit! Thank you

Rachael Howarth reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

24 February at 17:42 · 

Such an excellent place! Been here twice now, and out of many escape rooms that we have completed this is easily one of the best! We have completed 2 out of the 3 rooms and they are both fantastically thought out! I wasn't entirely prepared for the the scares that awaited me in 'Trapped' but there's such a 5* effort that goes into this place by the staff. The stories put together and created in each room is what makes deception sit above other places, it isn't just a room full of puzzles. The whole place is very welcoming. From the moment you walk through the door the standard is set with a brilliant reception area and welcoming, friendly staff. Any one up for a challenge, with an hour to spare should seriously consider paying deception a visit! 
Thanks to you both! 
(We may come back for scarytale when I've calmed down!!)

Dean Wood reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

23 February at 20:01 · 

I really enjoyed my visit to Deception Escape Rooms. The mysterious experience starts from the moment you step through the door, with puzzles waiting to tease you while you wait for the main game to begin. Then it was time to tackle the room (trapped, in our case), which didn't disappoint. The staff there are really friendly and helpful and are more than happy to nudge you in the right direction if necessary (with me, very necessary) I would definitely recomend.

Ben Keane reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

18 February · 

Amazing experience I didn’t want to leave at all. The staff were amazing and made the whole experience brilliant. A proper challenge but so enjoyable. Can’t believe something this amazing is on our door step

Caroline Cocking reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

18 February · 

We had a family trip (group Xmas pressie) on Saturday afternoon. The reception area is great, with some puzzles to amuse and start the problem solving. We did jilted, it's very well done and really gets you thinking.

Will definitely be back to try the other room

Thankyou deception

Rusty Parx reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

16 February · 

Just been to deception escape rooms! Ive never been to one before, all i can say is ‘oh my god’ it was amazing! Screamed like a baby though! I thoroughly recommed it! The ladies were so welcoming and incredibly professional, the rooms were fantastic! Many thanks

Toni Alexis reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

15 February · 

It was the second escape room I have done and even though I was close to being a big wuss (crying like a baby) it was one of the best!! 

Jakki Simmons reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

10 February · 

‘Jilted’ conquered! A great hour’s entertainment, well thought out room with lots of interest. Can’t wait for the next one.

Jon Hurring reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

4 February · 

Superbly entertaining, challenging and brilliantly logical..... advice to anyone going, pay attention to everything, sometimes it's in the detail. We'll be back!

Sarah Cummings reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

4 February · 

Great fun. Very clever, but suitable for all. Tad scary, lots of mind games but so many laughs. Highly recommend. Great to have it in matlock! 5*star.

James Dixon reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

3 February · 

We did trapped and escaped with 45 seconds to go. We will definitely be back.we really enjoyed it

Sarah Poulton reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

1 February · 

Mind bendingly infuriatingly brilliant.... fab birthday treat. Will deffo be back - you should try it. A warm welcome and beautifully run by the ingenious staff..... I wonder if they wake up in the middle of the night with a cryptic conundrum. Thank you x

Louisa Rogers reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

28 January · 

Absolutely brilliant way to spend an one I've been to yet

charlotte lockwood reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

12 hrs · 

Fantastic people !!!! Fantastic venue !!! Highly recommended xxxx

Louisa Rogers reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

28 January at 14:02 · 

Absolutely brilliant way to spend an one I've been to yet

Johnny Turner reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

29 January at 17:41 · 

Absolutely brilliant!! Did Trapped with the wife! Think every couple should have a go, you find out a lot about your relationship!!!

Katherine Burt reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

28 January at 09:43 · 

Absolutely amazing time, brilliantly crafted riddles and clues. Definitely be going again to do another room

Reginald Sneezehole reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

28 January at 09:47 · 

Had a good laugh!! This place is cool. It’s better than one I’ve done in Sheffield before. Would defo recommend!!

Sharon Gadsby reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

26 January at 18:59 · 

What a brilliant experience! A great activity for all. I went with my workmates in a team of 5 and we all agreed it was our most fun outing in ages � The Deception Escape Rooms staff are amazing too and made our first experience of an Escape Room one to remember. We’ll definitely be back!

Sandra Spencer reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

26 january 2018· 

We visited Deception Escape Rooms last night to try out our ‘skills’ in the local business competition. What fun � having never been to anything like this before we had absolutely no idea whatsoever what we were to ‘encounter ‘ 
This will be the best night out and keep you talking for days, guaranteed. Can’t wait to go back and try the other rooms

Samantha Powell reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

21 January at 09:28 · 

Four of us visited deception last night to take on the room 'trapped'. I have done one escape room before in a city venue. I would like to say this venue is by far better, more imaginative and definitely worth a visit. We will definitely be back to try to escape the other two rooms. Thank you for a brilliant evening!

Michael Arthur Goodwin reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

19 January at 15:34 · 

All I will say is that YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! It's one of the best things I've had a go at. Trust me....try it!

Cassidy Grace Jones reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

2 January at 19:50 · 

I had an amazing time both times I have done this escape room, and finally succeeded. Had an fantastic time it was both challenging and thoroughly enjoyable!

Victoria Michaela Holt reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

30 December 2017 at 19:27 · 

Awesome escape rooms! Very trying and sadly we were defeated. Great evening still. Amazingly done and beautifully put together � so recommended

Matt Mellor reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

31 October 2017 · 

I’ve done a few escape rooms in the past, but Dr Papets Office was by far the most imaginative, most inventive, best designed and most difficult one I’ve done. But don’t let the difficulty level put you off, there was only two of us and this room is recommended for up to 6 players. The concept of the theme was so detailed and well executed, that the hour was gone in what seemed like only a few seconds, as we were so immersed in the story. Needless to say, we unfortunately didn’t escape.

The staff at Deception Escape Rooms are really friendly and enthusiastic and obviously huge escape room fans themselves, to have come up with such elaborate ideas for the different rooms.

As soon as you walk in, it is clear to see how much blood, sweat and tears has gone into building this place. Not just from the escape rooms themselves but also the decor of the reception/waiting area adds a whole other element to the experience.

I will definitely be returning in the not too distant future and I look forward to doing so!

Thanks guys!! �

Emma Pitchford reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

7 December 2017 · 

Such a good time! Hadn't done an escape room before and LOVED it - got defeated... but will definitely do another one. 
The rooms, staff and setting was great - really professional, fun and loads of effort has gone in to making it a great experience!!

Adrienne Wood reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

7 November 2017 · 

Had an amazing first time experience lots of hard work has been put into the rooms a very friendly atmosphere will definitely be returning to beat the time �hopefully thank you for our experience �

Tom Mehta reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

7 November 2017 · 

This was great fun and the best escape room I have ever done, thanks guys, highly recommended.

Fuad Abdi reviewed Deception Escape Rooms – 5 star

6 November 2017 · 

Great venue and great experience. I would highly recommend you try these escape rooms.